Twitter and Social Media Ban In Nigeria: No. 1 Way to Protect Your Brand and Business With a Website

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Twitter and Social Media Ban In Nigeria: How to Protect Your Brand and Business

About the Twitter ban: A lot of businesses and brands depend on social media to thrive which includes communicating with (prospective) clients and advertising products and services, and with the latest ban of Twitter by the Buhari-led administration, it seems it would spiral down to other social media platforms like Facebook too. It’s a possibility.  Even as at today, the threat of a social media ban is still imminent as the authorities are still brooding over the possibility – or eventuality as some have stated – of a complete or partial shutdown of social media?

The question is, how would your brand or business thrive if these social media platforms become restricted or completely banned? Do you know how to protect your brand even with the twitter ban?

The Next Step to Protect Your Brand and Business

The most likely answer is people being able to connect with your brand when they search on Google and other such search engines regardless of a Twitter ban or not. The best way of ensuring your brand isn’t affected is getting a well-developed website for your brand/business!

Twitter ban and even Facebook and WhatsApp bans are effected in some countries like China but the brands and businesses there have found a way still reach out to clients on the internet. Their way? By getting web developers to design websites for their brands! Even with the Twitter and Facebook ban in China, if you search out Chinese companies on the internet, you’d still find them, communicate with and do business with them.

Don’t want for this to happen – act now! Regardless of government policies, your business doesn’t have to suffer.👌

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Everything You Need To Know About the Perfect Website

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What you need to stand out as a brand or business isn’t just any kind of website but one which gives you an edge over your competitors.

  1. Mobile Responsiveness:  Most people who use the internet use their mobile phones so while it is great on desktops and laptops, the perfect website has to look good on mobile phones too.
  2. Speed: People on the internet do not want their time wasted so you want to maximize it by ensuring your website loads fast. Sadly, many websites are slow.
  3. Great User Experience: Internet users navigating a website should be able to do so easily.
  4. Security: With data breaches and hacking these days, people are more comfortable visiting websites which are secure and Google favours such too.
  5. Great Uptime: One of the qualities of a great website is being able to logon to it at anytime of the day without issues. No matter how beautiful a website looks, if the availability is not dependable, people won’t trust your brand and that’s bad for business.

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How and Where To Get the Perfect Website for Your Brand And Business

Now this is the easy part. One answer: Everyview Creatives! It’s that simple. At Everyview Creatives, all our website projects are built using the triple design approach meaning the websites we’d develop for you would look great on desktop/laptop, tablets and smartphones.

We use standard SSL certificates to ensure your website is secure at all times and we carry out regular security checks to ensure your website is safe. We guarantee 100 percent uptime as anyone can visit your website without issues at anytime of the day.

The good thing about having a website of your own is, people from any part of the world can visit and interact with your brand unlike when your brand is just on social media and it takes just one government policy or declaration to crumble your business.

Getting a website is easy. Get started by contacting us through the following:

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